About reservation

Is it possible to make a reservation for the same day?
We accept same-day reservations, provided that we have an opening. Please visit us or contact us at 03-6886-4256. However, we may have to refuse customers without reservations or walk-in customers may need to wait if our schedule is full. We appreciate your kind understanding.
Changes to or cancellation of reservations
To change the contents of your reservation or to cancel it, please inform us up to 2 days in advance of the scheduled visit by calling us at 03-6886-4256 or sending an e-mail to yaekimono8@yae-japan.com
Cancellations made two days in advance will not result in a cancellation fee. However, please be aware that if you cancel on the day before your scheduled visit or on the day itself, you will be charged 100% of the regular fee.

About dressing & hair styling

How long does it take to put on a kimono and to have one’s hair styled?
On an average, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for men and 30 to 40 minutes for women.
Please note that you may have to wait a little while during festival seasons and the like, when we are very busy.
You can use this link to check the details of the steps we take you through on the day of your reservation.
Can customers leave their belongings and the clothes they came in with you?
Yes. We take care of your belongings (except for valuables) and store them in our shop.
What should we bring with us on the day of our reservation?
Please come dressed lightly and empty-handed. Everything you need is included in the loan plan (kimono, obi, undergarment, bag to carry when wearing kimono, zori (sandals), tabi (socks), etc.) In summer we suggest wearing thin underwear such as a tank top because of the heat, and in winter we recommend that you wear thin thermal clothing such as heat-tech shirts, which have excellent heat retention, and leggings to keep you warm. When you come, please do not wear underwear with a high collar, which could detract from the appearance of the kimono.
I am tall (short), do you have large (small) sized kimonos?
No problem. We have kimonos in both large and small sizes. Please understand, however, that for those who are of tall stature there are fewer kinds of kimono to choose from, and they may be a little bit short.

About payment methods

Do you accept credit card payment?
You can pay in cash or by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB) at the time of your visit.

About returning

What is the deadline for returning the kimono?
The deadline for same-day return is 17:30. Those who wish to extend the time will be charged an additional fee of 2,000 yen per day (before tax).
What happens if the kimono becomes soiled while rented out?
There is no cleaning charge for soil within the range of normal wear (spilled food, a splash of mud, abrasion, etc.) You need not worry about soiling what you are wearing on a rainy day. However, in the case of irreparable stains (oil-based paint, etc.) or damage (cigarette burns, etc.), we may require compensation in the amount of 5,000 yen (exclusive of tax).

About photography service

Can I have a photo shoot without any reservations?
We have to check the photographer's schedule first. If the photographer is available, we can arrange a photo shooting service for you. In case our photographers have already booked for a whole day, we are afraid that we might not able to arrange your photo shooting.
When can I receive the photos?
You will receive all photos within 7 working days (not include the shooting day) through e-mail with the link by cloud service.
The photographer will send the retouched photos to you within 7-12 working days (not include the shooting day) through e-mail with the link by cloud service.
How many original photos are included in each shooting plan?
For 30-minute package: 50 or more original photos
For 60-minute package: 80 or more original photos
For 90-minute package: 100 or more original photos
The customer will receive the original photos within three working days (not include the shooting day). Also, the customers can select retouching photos by themselves.
Where will the photo-shooting take place? Can I go to another place for photo shooting? For example, Meiji Jingu temple, Nezu?
The shooting takes place in only around in Sensoji Temple and Asakusa traditional street. The photographer will not take the customer to other places outside of the Asakusa area.
Do you have a studio for shooting?
We only provide the outdoor shooting service.
Can I extend the shooting time?
We will arrange the schedule according to your request. However, we are not able to extend your shooting time if the photographer has already booked for the next appointment.
If it’s raining or snowing, the shooting will keep going on?
The customers could rent our kimono and the shooting service is also available during a rainy day or snowy day. It is possible to rearrange the date of shooting if the weather is unfavorable, please send an e-mail to info@yae-japan.com let us know in advance.
Is it possible to take photos after sunset?
It will get darker around 4 pm in winter. After sunset, the quality of the photographs will be affected by the noises. We recommend the customer to start the photo-shooting during the day time.

Other questions

Do you have a place where people who are accompanying your customers can wait?
They cannot come into the dressing room, but can wait in the store. We suggest that when the store is full of people, you agree on a time to meet up with each other.