Our professional photographers can give you the greatest souvenir of all-high quality pictures taken of you around Sensoji temple.
※Please let us know in your reservation if you would like to have a photography service.

The price list for the photography service

Length of Photoshoot Price Number of Photos Note
30 minutes 11,000 yen 9 photos up to 2 people 【Retouching: Color tone adjustment only】
60 minutes 22,000 yen 12 photos 12 photos up to 3 people 【Retouching: Details retouching】
90 minutes 33,000 yen 18 photos up to 5 people 【Retouching: Details retouching】
  • There is a slight possibility that photographers may not be available if you make your reservation on that day before, or the day of your visit to our store.
  • The images will be sent in soft copy via email or other networks within 7-12 days.
  • The original images will be only saved for 30 days by photographers.
  • There will be 5000yen extra charge for all the original images(no editing).
  • This price for the photography service does not include the kimono rental fee.

Photography Gallery

  • レギュラープランの着物の写真
  • レギュラープランの着物の写真
  • レギュラープランの着物の写真
  • レギュラープランの着物の写真


Photography FAQs

  • Q.Can I have a photo shoot without any reservations?

    A.We have to check the photographer's schedule first. If the photographer is available, we can arrange a photo shooting service for you. In case our photographers have already booked for a whole day, we are afraid that we might not able to arrange your photo shooting.

  • Q.When can I receive the photos?

    A.The photographer will send the retouched photos to you within 7-12 working days (not include the shooting day) through e-mail with the link by cloud service.
    If you have bought the original photo, you will receive all photos within 3 working days (not include the shooting day) through e-mail with the link by cloud service.

  • Q.How many original photos are included in each shooting plan?

    A.It costs ¥5000 for all original photos selected by the customer.
    For 30-minute package: 50 or more original photos
    For 60-minute package: 80 or more original photos
    For 90-minute package: 100 or more original photos
    The customer will receive the original photos within three working days (not include the shooting day). Also, the customers who have purchased original photos can select retouching photos by themselves.

  • Q.Can I select the photo for retouching?

    A.The customer can select photos by purchasing all the original photos.
    The photographer will send all photos with the file name to the customer. After choosing the photos, then the customer can send the email back to a photographer by linting photo numbers which wants to be retouched.
    Photos will be selected by the photographer if customers have not purchased the original photos.

  • Q.Where will the photo-shooting take place? Can I go to another place for photo shooting? For example, Meiji Jingu temple, Nezu?

    A.The shooting takes place in only around in Sensoji Temple and Asakusa traditional street. The photographer will not take the customer to other places outside of the Asakusa area.

  • Q.Do you have a studio for shooting?

    A.We only provide the outdoor shooting service.

  • Q.Can I extend the shooting time?

    A.We will arrange the schedule according to your request. However, we are not able to extend your shooting time if the photographer has already booked for the next appointment.

  • Q.If it’s raining or snowing, the shooting will keep going on?

    A.The customers could rent our kimono and the shooting service is also available during a rainy day or snowy day. It is possible to rearrange the date of shooting if the weather is unfavorable, please send an e-mail to let us know in advance.

  • Q.Is it possible to take photos after sunset?

    A.It will get darker around 4 pm in winter. After sunset, the quality of the photographs will be affected by the noises. We recommend the customer to start the photo-shooting during the day time.