Steps in renting a kimono.


Please reserve the date and time of your visit by using a reservation form or by calling us.

We do accept walk-ins; but if possible, we prefer to have our customers make reservations, as when we are very busy, it takes time to accommodate everyone.

Visiting the store, reception

Please come to the store at the time you have reserved. Confirm the content of your reservation and payment at the reception desk.

Choosing a kimono

We have many colors of kimonos. Choose the one you like best.

Our experienced staff will help you coordinate your outfit.

Getting dressed

Our professional dressing staff with experience in the bridal industry will help you to put on the kimono.

We will do a fine job of dressing you so that you can wear the kimono for hours while enjoying sightseeing or some other outing.

Hair styling

Choose the hairstyle and accessories you like from the pictures.

Our staff will give you an attractive hair-do suited to your type of hair and its length.

Choosing accessories

You can choose bags and zori.

You can consult the staff, who will help you choose the best items to go with your kimono.

Going out

You are now ready to go out.

Please enjoy strolling along the street in a charming kimono in Asakusa, the best sightseeing spot in Tokyo.

Coming back and returning the kimono

Come back by 17:30 the same day and return the kimono.

You come back and change into your own clothes.
If you wish to return the kimono the next day, you can do so by paying an additional 1,500 yen. Please inform the receptionist of your intentions when you make your reservation.